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Fucked By A Husky

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Anal and Doggystyle Go Hand in Hand

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# Better Than a Movie Pt. II

Walking in the door after work, I find that Zeus, my mastiff, has greeted me at the door. I pat him on the head
and take my clothes off as I head for the shower. Once there, I turn on the water and step under the hot,
steamy water, letting it sluice down my body causing me to shiver.

Soaping up my body brings back images of what happened a couple nights ago. I slump against the wall
remembering Zeus’s tongue making magic on my pussy as I watched the porno. A hand trailed to my pussy,
which was now soaked with my juices, and mimicked Zeus’s mad thrusts into my pussy as he’d fucked me. It
had been the best fuck of my life and it had been by a dog!

My thumb rubbed my clit as I finger fucked my pussy. My moans bringing Zeus into the bathroom to see what
was going on. He sniffed the air and watched my hand at my pussy and I watched as his massive cock
extended from its sheath and grew longer and thicker before my eyes. Licking my lips, I imagined sucking that
massive cock, taking it down my throat and tasting his cum. This last thought finished me off to a trembling
and moaning mess at the bottom of the tub as I violently came. Laying still on my back, I turn off the water
with my foot and attempt to recover.

Meanwhile, Zeus is getting alarmed that I haven’t moved and steps into the tub, nuzzling me as if trying to
wake me up. He moves down toward my legs when the impulse, too strong for me to ignore, takes me.

I grab his flanks and suck the head of his cock into my mouth. He lets out a startled yelp and tries to get
away, but I hold on tight and keep sucking. He calms down slightly and turns around so that he is facing the
wall behind my head. Suddenly, he rams his cock down my throat and begins fucking my face wildly, with the
same vigor that he’d fucked my pussy with the other night. I gagged repeatedly, he was going too fast for me
to breathe but I held on and soon caught up with him and swirled my tongue around his shaft as he fucked my
I felt the knot swell up at the base of his dick and slide up the shaft, making it through my lips with a pop. His
thrusts got shorter and faster, the knot staying in my mouth. Knowing that he was close to cumming, I
redoubled my efforts on his cock, swirling and flicking my tongue and using my hands to massage his cock,
needing to taste his cum. Suddenly, with a loud howl, he rammed his dick clear down my throat and shot his
cum again and again in my mouth aand throat. It was sooooo good that I came again just from the taste of it.
I was truly my dog’s bitch now…I knew I wouldn’t be able to go without being fucked by him or sucking his
massive dog cock for very long now.

When he was done cumming and the knot had calmed down, Zeus got out of the tub and went to his bed (it
was mine until he fucked me and became my master) to recover. After I’d recovered from my own orgasm
enough to move, I got out of the tub as well and went over to the bed and laid there on my back with my legs
spread wide open, hoping he would lick my pussy. To my delight, he did.

His tongue snaked along my slit, and circled my cunt before tongue fucking it deeply. I gasped and thrusted
my hips at him in a silent bequest for more. He tongue fucked me harder and then faster. Soon, I was in a
constant state of cumming, practically seizing on the bed, just from his tongue. Then he nuzzled me to turn

I got on all fours and he got on top of me, his cock finding its mark right away, ramming all the way up my
juicily tight cunt making me cry out in utter ecstacy. He fucked me harder and faster and deeper than I had
ever been fucked by a man and I was cumming every few strokes. It was even better than last time! Finally, I
felt his cum splash inside my pussy and run down my legs and I came so hard that I blacked out.

When I came to, he was licking our cum off my legs, savoring the flavor of it. Taking a swipe at it again, he
held our cum on his tongue and spread it over my lips. I met his tongue with mine and licked it off his tongue
and together, we savored the flavor of our cum and did this for the rest of the night…

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