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# The Breeders 3 & 4

Chapter 3

Carolyn sat with frozen horror, her eyes glued to the small movie screen at the end of the long dining room table, her fingers white from
clutching the edge of the thick wooden chair on which she sat.

On the white-beaded screen not six feet from her eyes, she watched herself being ravished by a great golden dog whose terrible pointed penis
dug holes in her body, plunging in and out, stretching the tender pink slit mercilessly. When the camera periodically zoomed in for a close-up,
she could feel her stomach churn up and she felt ill. She could see the soft inner lips of her vagina cling to the dog’s thick hard organ as it
rose and fell, leaped and lunged. She could see the muscles, her muscles, tighten and release around the animal’s awful penis, slowly,
deliberately milking it to climax. But worst of all, worst of all, was the awful look of wild animal passion on her own face, a look of anguished
need, of sexual need of such magnitude that she was fascinated and horrified at the same instant. She watched her writhing body raise
beneath the dog’s humping haunches, rising to meet him thrust for thrust until the bulge on his great organ began to swell toward climax. She
could see it growing, like a knot on a tire just before a blowout, see it grow as he pushed and pulled it in and out of her body until the swelling
was too great for the small vaginal orifice to release. And still he hunched frantically over her musky hole.

She knew she was going to be ill but still she could not force her eyes from the terrible pictures on the screen. As the great dog’s urge
claimed him, he humped her cunt so hard that his upward pulls lifted her hips off the bed. He humped her again and again, slamming the thick
trunk of his organ in double time, faster, faster. Suddenly Carolyn saw herself ‹ no, not her, some terrible unfortunate creature on the screen ‹
some girl writhe convulsively, forcing her body up the hot fleshy bone, skewering her body onto the dog’s humping haunches. The spasms
which racked her climaxing body squeezed the bulging organ and he, too, began the frantic race for release. Her climax burst within her,
exploding, ripping away the body from the mind. She lay spent and limp upon the deep blue velvet, a single thin red line welling from
somewhere within where the dog knot had torn the tender fabric of her body. The huge golden dog humped once, twice more, and then stood
still but for an occasional tremor, patiently waiting for the swelling to subside and release him from this used bitch’s body.

Carolyn suddenly leaned over, laying her head on her arm along the edge of the table and vomited, retching again and again until only dry
heaves shook her body.

Jason Benson smiled coldly and waited. When the heaving had almost ceased, he lifted the ornate water pitcher and poured a glass of water.
He tapped her arm gently to attract her attention and sat the ice tinkling glass on the table within reach.

“A cool drink of water will make you feel better, my dear,” he said in the same charming modulated voice that Carolyn had thought so
attractive during the job interview.

She raised her head and stared across the table at the calm dignified face of Jason Benson. How could she have been so wrong? Outwardly
Jason appeared the soul of trust, the soft voice, the cultured demeanor was really all a sham. It was all camouflage for a distorted mind. The
prematurely greying hair, the tanned country gentleman look, these were but subtle traps to fool the outside world. Here, inside the high walls
of this awful place, he became the base creature he really was. He was just … another of the animals of Royal Benson Kennels! The memory
of what she had just seen flooded through her mind like the sloppy backwash of a stagnant swamp. Her throat contracted, her stomach
broiled. She reached for the glass of water and drank deeply.

“Feeling better?” he asked, the cold smile fixed upon his face.

Just then the tag end of the rewinding movie reel whirred loose and slap-slapped noisily against the machine.

“Mario!” Jason’s voice was edged with contempt for the careless boy. “Watch what you’re doing. We wouldn’t want to damage that film. It
might not be quite so easy to get Carolyn to make another that … interesting.”

“Ohhhh, how could you?” Her voice was rimmed with hatred. “HOW COULD YOU?”

“How could I?” Jason smiled. “It was really quite simple, my dear girl. You are sexually inclined by nature and that enviable virtue combined
with your almost unbelievable naivete … well, suffice to say, it was a simple task to convince your subconscious mind that it was a devoted
lover between your legs.”

“How could you do such an awful thing?” Carolyn whispered hoarsely.

“Me?” Jason laughed. “You were the one who did the ‘awful’ things, Carolyn. You forced my poor assistant into some very degrading situations.
I was really quite shocked! Ah, but then, you shall judge for yourself. Mario, would you start the next roll of film please?”

Carolyn’s eyes widened and she flashed a quick look toward Mario. He grinned back and shook his dark head in mock disapproval.

“No!” she shouted. “No, I don’t want to see it. I don’t know how you made me do those terrible things … it was a trick of some kind, drugs or
something … but I don’t want to see it. Please. PLEASE.”

“Oh, very well.” He nodded toward Mario to stop the projector. The room was suddenly very silent without the hum of the machine. “I must
say I’m rather disappointed, though. It was a very … stimulating … experience watching that bit of film. You may pack away the reel, Mario.
Be sure to lock it up quite safely. Miss Vance may wish to see it again some day.””You’re the one who should be locked up! You’re crazy!” She
stared at the man across the table, her fingers gripping the chair so tightly that the tips were white and bloodless. “You really are crazy!”

“Crazy? … Like a fox, my dear Miss Vance.” The icy smile never left his lips. “Those films are my insurance that you won’t try to have me
locked up. Or anything else unpleasant. Should you try? I would have to tell the authorities that you used your position with Royal Benson
Kennels to try to blackmail me. I would have to show them the films I bought from you at exorbitant prices in order to buy your silence. It was
worth the $5,000 you demanded to protect the reputation of the Kennels.”

“They wouldn’t believe you. If it was true, you would have turned me over to the police right then and there.” “Not necessarily. Jason Benson
is known as a quiet sensitive man, an artist in his own right. They would understand why I wouldn’t want to go into court to testify against
you. It would mean publicity, the front pages of every paper. No, the police would understand why a man of my reputation preferred to pay
blackmail.” He leaned back in the chair and looked at her over the brandy glass cupped in his hand. “I feel quite confident that you would
prefer to assist me with my work and remain silent rather than spend ten years in prison for blackmail … should it come to that.”

“You couldn’t prove blackmail even if you wanted to.”

“Oh, but I could.” His voice was ripe with confidence. “You see, I withdrew $5,000 in cash from my bank today … in small bills … the cashier
who has long handled my personal account was quite concerned with my nervousness. Considerate girl, that, she asked me twice if I was sure
everything was all right.”

Carolyn stared in disbelief. This couldn’t be happening to her, not to Carolyn Vance from Tyler Corners whose major sins to date consisted of
using her mother’s credit card for gas and necking after the Saturday night movie. These things only happened to girls off the street, girls who
were looking for trouble and were disappointed if they didn’t find it. He couldn’t really believe she would stay here and work for him, not after

“And if you are still thinking about going to the police, Carolyn,” he spoke softly, “discounting the blackmail charges, do you think they would
believe you?”

“Of course, they’d believe me,” she answered incredulously. “No girl would do a terrible thing like that willingly. You forced me!”

“Did I?” The frozen smile took on a new malignancy. “There were no bonds holding you down, no one holding your legs apart for the dog. Do
you really think any person seeing the joy on your pretty face would believe you weren’t enjoying it? The way you reached up with your wet
little pussy and screwed yourself higher onto his big cock, you think anybody’s going to believe you didn’t want to fuck that dog?”

“And afterwards, Carolyn, when you and the dog had both spent yourselves so disgustingly, when the swelling went down and he pulled it out
and licked you clean … when you smiled and spread your legs and patted your hairy little cunt and tried to coax him back again … do you
realty think anyone in their right mind would believe you were forced into it?”

Tears welled in her eyes and ran unchecked down her pale cheeks. He was right. She had seen the awful spectacle herself. No one would
believe her, never in a thousand years.

“And the second reel of film, the one you didn’t want to watch,” Jason continued, “I’m sure it would convince the police of your unfortunate
perversion if the other one didn’t. You did some very, very naughty things to my poor Mario while he was tied up and unable to get away from
you. Oh, he struggled and tried to turn his innocent body away, but you forced your unnatural appetites upon him. Your unrestrained
molesting may have caused permanent psychological damage to the lad! It was shocking, shocking!”

Carolyn’s face was streaked with tears and she slowly moved her head from side to side. She couldn’t have, she couldn’t have done anything
like that.

“I can see that you don’t believe me. Perhaps we should run the film after all. Mario?” Jason taunted. “No … no, please!”

“Never mind, Mario,” Jason purred reassuringly across the table, “Don’t cry, my dear. If you stay and work for me as we agreed, no one need
ever know about the films. No one at all.”

Carolyn hung her head and stared into her tear-dampened lap. This awful man, this canine Jekyll and Hyde had forced her into a corner from
which there was no escape. How could she stay here in this house of depravity and work for a man whose mind crawled with evil? How was
she to know that he wouldn’t try to put her through another night like that? Or worse? perhaps he would force his own attentions on her.
Perhaps Mario would get to thinking about the things she was forced to do to him and his unstable mind might snap. She would be in constant
danger here … but the alternative was prison for blackmail. She didn’t have a choice.”What … what do you expect me to do?” she asked with
a silent sob in her throat.

“Why, just exactly what we discussed when you accepted the position. I merely want you to help me train these fine young animals. That’s
all, my dear, just train the dogs.”

“Train them? To do what, Mr. Benson? You never did say. Exactly what kind of training do the dogs require?” Her voice was haughty, cutting.

Jason lifted the heavy glass decanter from the center of the table and poured a generous amount in his glass. He lifted the bottle in her
direction. Carolyn shook her head. He replaced the stopper in the container, leaned back in the big wooden chair and sipped at the brandy
glass cupped in his lean tan hands. He looked at Carolyn from beneath the gently arched brows, half amused, half tolerant.

“I thought you would surely have figured that out by now, Carolyn …”

Chapter 4

It was inevitable, Carolyn thought, as she followed Jason Benson through the endless passages of the big house. She knew the time would
come when she would be forced to take part in the monstrous perversion but it had seemed so … so unbelievable that her mind had not really
accepted the situation in which she found herself. Not until now! As they walked down the long hall toward the kennels and the “indoctrination
tour” as Jason put it, Carolyn’s mind finally had to face facts.

The door which opened off the Royal Benson Kennel’s office was locked. Jason pressed a button beneath the counter top and the door slid
open with a soft whir. He gestured for Carolyn to enter, followed her through and pressed another button. The door whirred shut with smooth

Before them lay a wide carpeted aisleway flanked on both sides by identical cages of chain link wire, joined one to the other like the row upon
row of exclusive center city apartments which thrived in downtown New York City. Each cage was exactly like the next, a large chrome
feeding dish, an automatic fresh water bowl and a rectangular mattress pad covered in royal blue canvas. Each cage was occupied.

Carolyn self-consciously shied from the cages, only to bump into a similar row of dogs on the other side of the aisle. She jumped forward,
careful to stand in the exact center of the walkway. Her hands were trembling.

“No, no, my dear,” Jason explained impatiently. “You don’t understand. These are the show dogs, the famous Royal Benson Danes. Animals like
these aren’t used as toys for the rich, my dear girl, not champion stock like this. It’s taken years to perfect such fine dogs.”

He walked briskly over to the first cage and pointed to the pair of matched frames which hung one above the other on the cage front.

“Look,” he said enthusiastically, “Look at these pedigrees.”

Carolyn moved closer at his insistence, and read the small print on the forms. Royal Benson’s King Lear, sired by Royal Benson’s Black Emperor,
sired by Royal Benson’s Demon, etc, etc. The ornately printed pedigree went back five generations and each dog bore the kennel title of
Benson. She didn’t know much about Dane conformation but she knew enough about registered animals to know that an unbroken pedigree line
free from inbreeding was an accomplishment to be proud of.

“And here,” he continued, pointing to the second frame, “here is a list of every win the dog has made.”

He ran his finger down a long list of titles, pausing here and there to emphasize the enormity of the win.

“Best Champion of Show … Best Grand Champion of Show. And here, Best of Show! Do you realize how difficult it is to win a Best of Show out
of hundreds of dogs from all over the country?” He asked Carolyn, not pausing for her answer, “All of my boys end up there sooner or later.
What do you think of that?”

“It’s very … impressive.” Carolyn tried to say something to salve his ego but she was still in the cold numb state of near shock.

Jason walked through the cages, calling each great dog by name, scratching them through the wire, praising them in turn as one would
children. Carolyn watched him blankly. She had cried away all her tears of horror, the tears of fear … weeped herself dry of revulsion … there
was almost nothing left. She walked and talked and tried not to think. There was nothing she could do for the present except as she was told.
Jason had made that quite clear when he showed her the movie film of … she shuddered even at the thought … of that terrible dog at her
loins. He had locked her in her room overlooking the dog runs, a prisoner of the damnable electric locks, and let her absorb the awful truth.
Once she accepted the inevitable, he had said, it would be easier. And perhaps it was. She wasn’t sure. She no longer trembled at every
sound in the hall, no longer felt nauseous when a dog barked in the runs beneath her window. Perhaps he was right, now that she had
accepted the inevitable, the days had been easier.

… if only she could rid her dreams of the endless hordes of slavering dogs with giant cocks which hung stiff and heavy headed beneath their
stomachs, dogs which followed her everywhere sniffling at her wet slit and licking their eager organs. One night in her dreams they would
attack her, this army of rutting animals that crowded her dreams, and then she would surely go mad … if she wasn’t already …

Jason gestured toward the door at the end of the blue carpeted walkway. “This way, my dear.”

Carolyn walked slowly between the cages, taking care not to touch the wire sides. She had succeeded in controlling her revulsion thus far but
the touch of one of those great beasts, the hot wet tongue upon her hand might be enough to loose the panic she felt inside.

The door beyond Jason bore no handle, no means of access. Carolyn looked about for the electric button but the wall was clean. She looked
back at the door. There was a small neat plastic sign. “Hospital Area‹No Admittance.” She waited for Jason to open the door, and then she
suddenly realized that “no admittance” meant that behind that door … only a few steps beyond … were the other dogs. Her eyes grew wide
with apprehension and she backed away from the door.

“Yes, my dear, the Hospital Area,” Jason smiled at her reaction. “Rather appropriate, don’t you think? We like to think of our work as a
humanitarian service. You might call it physical therapy.”

Lines creased her lovely face but Jason’s suddenly clamped jaw warned them away, and Carolyn forced her features into impersonal repose.
She didn’t trust her voice to remain steady. She nodded her head curtly, keeping her eyes carefully averted from his.

“Never mind,” Jason’s voice was tolerant. “You will learn. The others did.”

“The others?” Carolyn’s eyes flashed back to his. It had never occurred to her that there had been others before her, others who shared her
fate. What had happened to them? What was going to happen to her when she was no longer needed?

“But of course!’ Jason smiled with amusement. “We have had six, perhaps seven other young ladies. Each of whom, I can assure you, learned
to enjoy her work with a consuming passion.”

“What … what happened to them?” She was almost afraid to ask. “Did you … are they…?”

“Of course not!” His voice grew impatient. “We didn’t dispose of them. You watch too many B movies! I simply meant that we had to terminate
their employment. They became, shall we say, too enamored of their work. They were wearing my poor boys out and overtraining is just as
bad as no training at all. Aahhhh, but enough of that. Come in, come in.”

Jason pressed the palm of his right hand firmly against the metal plate of the door. From somewhere beyond, there came the familiar
answering whir and the door slid silently open. Carolyn followed him around the elaborate folding screen which sheltered the room from view
when the door was open. Whatever she had expected to see in her mind’s eye, it certainly was not the sight which met her eyes. She stared
at the huge laboratory area. Everything was neat and sterile in appearance. She could hear the faint hum of the air conditioning unit and the
temperature was pleasantly cool. There was a fresh light scent of ozone in the air but, she thought with surprise, no doggy odor although
nearly half the area was taken up with wire cages. Each cage was immaculate, as those in the outer room had been, except that these cages
bore no pedigrees, no identification other than a small neatly lettered sign with each dog’s name she could read those nearest her ‹ Nero,
Baron, Casanova, Brute, simple names with no hint of Royal Benson registration. Yet to Carolyn’s untrained eyes they were as big and well
bred as the show dogs she had just admired.

She stared at the dogs, her emotions part horror and part curiosity. Fawn, black, harlequin-spotted animals, alert and obviously in the peak of
health. Some were young, gangly legged beasts with huge paws and clumsy manners, the canine adolescents. Some were huge
heavy-chested animals; virile, beautiful, terrible … and each one watched her intently. One immense dog in particular, a fawn-colored giant
with a black mask, rose from his haunches when she entered and had paced impatiently back and forth the length of his cage ever since.
Carolyn felt uncomfortable in his presence and forced her eyes away from his. She turned her back and left the area of his cage and still she
felt those eyes following her. She knelt before a separate cage of young puppies, letting them tumble over one another and chew on her
fingers; anything to avert her mind from the pacing dog behind her.

Jason watched with interest. The girl seemed to subconsciously sense the King’s presence yet he was certain she did not recognize him after
a cursory glance at a roomful of dogs. To the novice, one Dane looked pretty much like another. Interesting, Jason thought, interesting.

“Well, my dear,” Jason called her attention back to the business at hand, “Would you like to see how we train our dogs?”

Carolyn looked up apprehensively. Jason smiled, enjoying her discomfort. He crooked a finger at the girl. “Come here.”

She walked slowly over to a tiled top counter where Jason Benson waited. He waited until she stood beside him, then reached below the
counter into a small refrigerator and removed what looked like a baby bottle with a large old fashioned rubber nipple. He held it up for Carolyn
to see.

“This is one of our training aids … and a very effective one too, I might add,” he said with the odd secretive smile he seemed to wear so
frequently when he looked at her.

Carolyn looked at the bottle. It seemed like a normal feeding bottle, but she felt he expected her to say something.

“Do you bottle feed all your dogs? Don’t the mothers feed them?” she asked.

“Aaahhhh, but this is more than a bottle, my dear girl. Here, let me show you.” Jason unscrewed the rubber cover and held it in his hand,
nipple up. “It looks rather like a woman’s breast, doesn’t it?”

“Yes …” Carolyn wondered what he was leading up to. She had an uncomfortable feeling she’d rather not know.

Jason appeared not to notice her discomfort and screwed the rubber top back on the bottle and sat it down.

“Now,” he continued, “I shall get one of the young pups and show you how we use the bottle in our training program. I’m sure you’ll be very
interested since it will be part of your job in the future, a very personal part of your job.”

Jason Benson walked to the nearest puppy cage and took out one of the small animals. He sat it on the counter top, faced it toward her, and
inserted the milk-filled nipple between the pup’s teeth. Immediately the hungry dog began to pull at it licking and sucking and making small
happy animal sounds. Then suddenly the pup let out a whine and began pawing frantically at his mouth. He whimpered pitifully and looked up
at them with begging eyes.

“What’s the matter with him?” Carolyn asked, her voice full of concern for the baby animal. “It won’t hurt him.” Jason smiled coldly. “He just
learned an important lesson. You see, my dear, the nipples on these bottles have a two-fold purpose ‹ they allow a young dog to continue his
prolonged abilities to suck, but the nipples also have an unpleasant substance encapsulated between the two sections of rubber. If the pup
bites the nipple, his teeth will puncture the first layer of rubber. It’s a bitter mouthful! But the bitter lesson is the one first learned. The liquid
is composed basically of alum, cayenne and saline solution, nontoxic but thoroughly distasteful as you can see. After several such
experiences, our young friend here will learn to suck on the nipple if he wishes the reward … not bite … a virtue I’m sure you will appreciate
as time goes on.”

“You don’t mean these dogs are trained to … to …”

“To nurse at a girl’s breast?” Jason helped her finish the question. “Yes, that is exactly what I mean. It will be part of your job to see that the
lesson is learned well!”

She felt sick at her stomach. She knew that Jason Benson had more in mind than bottle feeding pups. The puppy on the counter top was
squirming frantically, trying to free itself of Jason’s hands and the empty bottle. Carolyn had the feeling that the small animal must somehow
sense that she would supply its succulence. A shudder ran through her body and she stepped back away from the counter. Jason only smiled
and returned the pup to the kennel.

“There are other benefits of bottle training,” he continued, “which are even more in demand. Would you like to see a demonstration?”

Carolyn shook her head from side to side, but Jason ignored the movement and flipped the switch on a small wall intercom. “Mario?” He

“In the kitchen, boss,” came the soft-voiced reply. “Would you come to the lab, please.”

“I’m cutting up meat for the dogs,” Mario answered, “Could it wait about five minutes?”

“I’m sure Miss Vance won’t mind waiting,” Jason chuckled into the speaker. There was an answering chuckle over the static background.

“I’ll hurry, boss, wouldn’t want to keep the lady waiting ….”

Jason flipped the switch down and the static was gone. He turned back to Carolyn.

“Mario will be down shortly … meanwhile, I think it’s time we began your basic training.” Jason gestured toward her dress. His voice was sterile
toned and clinical. “Would you remove your clothing, please?” Carolyn stared at him, not believing what her ears told her was true. Surely this
man could not expect her to casually disrobe before him?

Jason busied himself at the counter preparing another nipple-capped bottle. He poured in a meager amount of milk, held it up to read the
measurement, nodded curtly to himself and screwed on the plastic cap which held the rubber nipple tight to the bottle. Then he turned

“I thought I told you to take your clothes off.” His voice was harsh now, the painted-on smile of amusement gone. His voice cut into her
hesitation like a steel saber plunged deep in her belly. “What for?” Carolyn asked weakly, one hand clutching at the dress front.

“Never mind what for!” Jason’s eyes narrowed. His hand flashed out and cracked across her cheek, hard. “Ohhhh!”

“When a dog refuses a command, he is whipped.” Jason pulled the long braided whip from the wall and tapped it impatiently into his other
hand. “I hope it will not be necessary to demonstrate, Carolyn.”

“You can’t threaten me,” she sobbed, rubbing the red marks which scored streaks across her pale face.

“Take off your clothes, Carolyn.” Jason said coldly.

She cowered in the corner, trapped like one of Jason’s animals between the counter and the wall while he stood firm on spread legs blocking
the only escape. The whip slapped with clock-like regularity against his palm.

“Take off your clothes, Carolyn.” He repeated as he dropped the loose end of the long whip and laced it across the floor, making it serpentine
with soft scraping noises against the waxed gray tile. Suddenly he pulled the handle back and flicked the lash around her ankle with a jerk.
She fumbled for her balance and grabbed at the counter for support. The whip coiled around her ankle like a steel snake, leaving a red brand
wherever it touched, a brand that ran thick red blood and dripped upon the clean tile.

“Next time,” he said ominously, loosening the whip lash with a quick motion of his wrist, “next time … higher.”

Carolyn bit her lip to keep from crying out. There was a band of fire about her ankle and she could feel the warm drops pulsing out and
puddling on the floor. Surely he had known her resistance was only token. She knew, more important he knew, she had admitted defeat the
day she had watched those terrible films. Jason took advantage of every opportunity to nurture his cruel appetites. Carolyn refused to cry out
with the pain. She refused to allow him that pleasure … and she began to unbutton the blue dress.


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They both started talking about boys again when Lauren asked how Emily ever got any with practically no boy
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crawled under the huge beast with her cousin.

When Emily saw her cousin join her she slid the horse cock out of her mouth and told Lauren to take a swing at
it. Lauren took the organ in her hand and stared at it in amazement. She then tried sticking the head of the
throbbing cock in her mouth. At first she had trouble but she finally got the head in and started sucking it with
all of her might. As Lauren sucked the huge beast Emily started licking up and down the length of the rest of
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time the horse was done, Lauren’s entire upper body and face was covered with cum.

After this was over Emily began to help clean up Lauren by licking the cum off of Lauren from her tits to her
face. Although Emily made a few passes over her cousins mouth while cleaning her up, she did not try to get it
on with Lauren. She had bigger fish to fry, much bigger.

Once Lauren was cleaned off and they both got a large meal from the salty cum Emily walked over and got
something from a pile of machinery in the back of the shed. It had been hidden in a old worn out tractor. At
first Lauren couldn’t tell what it was, but then a realization came over her when Emily tied the hammock like
sack around the horse hanging underneath it. As she did this she rubbed the horses cock to bring it back to full
size in no time at all.

After she securely tied the sack Emily told Lauren that she would get a shot later and that she should get to
feel the force of this beast inside her. Lauren was once again speechless but Emily brought her over and got
her in the sack she said to just hold on and enjoy the ride. Emily then took the horses cock and positioned it at
the entrance to her cousins pussy. She pushed it in slightly and rubbed it to help get the horse started.

The horse needed no encouragement. Once he felt the head of his cock enter the warm, tight confines of the
girls pussy he immediately started thrusting. His huge thrusts immediately penetrated Lauren’s tight cunt. The
brief moment of pain of penetration was quickly changed into pleasure as a foot of the horses cock was pushed
into Lauren’s cunt. As he continued to thrust he pushed the rest of his two foot cock into her pussy. Lauren
was feeling pleasure in places inside her she didn’t even know she had. She also couldn’t believe how much her
tight pussy was being stretched. It felt like two baseball bats being shoved into her. She cummed over and

The tight gripping of Lauren’s pussy set the horse off again as he shoved his cock all the way inside her and
held it. With this he climaxed and filled Lauren with gallons of cum. Lauren felt the warmth travel all throughout
her womb and some start coming out of her pussy because he had totally filled her up. The horse finally pulled
out after filling her and Lauren just about passed out in the hammock.

She felt the huge gap in her pussy from the cock even after he pulled out. It took a few seconds for her pussy
to close back up. Emily came over and helped Lauren out of the hammock and then put everything away. When
Emily came back she sat down with Lauren who was still laying in the hay totally worn out. Then she told
Lauren that this is how country girls get satisfied. With that they both giggled for a while.

There was other animal adventures during that summer but I’ll have to tell you that later.

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