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Beast MaleSome gay guys can’t get enough. Cock in every hole, fucking guys of every shape, size and color. Tim is a man that has had black guys, white guys, Latino men… cocks of every girth and length, stretching his once-virginal ass until it gaped like a cavern. Now he is so loose there is only one big dick that can fill him and get him off… HORSE COCK, and Tim takes it DEEP in his mouth, in his ass… bucking up against the wild bronco, pushing it to fuck him harder and harder until it sprays loads of cum deep inside!

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Paul is a dog lover, and we don’t mean just a guy that loves his pooch. He is a DOG LOVER in the most extreme sense of the term! A man that takes doggy dick in his ass, in his mouth… sucks it and swallows the cum! He has a true passion for K9 sex, and our BeastMale.com cameras were there to catch it all.

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Our good friend Tim is back for more! Seems once he developed a taste for horse dick he just can’t get enough, and we are more than happy to oblige, providing him with another stallion to fuck his tight ass until they both cum together! Watch Tim in ecstasy as he takes the horse cock deep inside his ass and mouth, stroking it ever so gently, then faster… and faster. Making sure the horse feels as much pleasure as he does. We have it on video, pictures… waiting for you. Such high quality it feels like you are RIGHT THERE WATCHING at BeastMale!

If there is one thing a hot gay man knows, it is doggy style, but Roger is about to give it new meaning along with his K9 friend Sam. You won’t believe your eyes as Roger spreads himself wide with a dildo, preparing for a hard pounding as only the pooch can do it… really “fucking like an animal!” Roger gets mounted from behind as Sam fucks him with reckless abandon… and the action doesn`t stop there. Come and see for yourself.

Beast Male