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Beast DebutantsTired of the same old bestiality content? At Beastdebutants, we feature 100% original, exclusive bestiality movies and photos with new girls, all in DVD-quality sound and color.

Anna has been having sex with dogs for almost 3 years now and she loves it. One day she confessed to her best friend Sofia what she had been doing. Sofia was in the beginning shocked, but also very curious. After asking more questions the next day, Sofia decided she really wanted to try.

Gabriela is a Brazilian beauty that has a very open relationship to sex, so when we asked her if she had ever done it with a dog, she was not shy to say: “no, but I will give it a try ;)” So we had another girlfriend to show her how it was done and Gabriela really enjoyed it. She was very surprised to get knotted and feel the load of a dog inside her pussy….

Jordana might look like a skinny girl, which is true. Only 58 Kg and pretty tall makes her very slim to look at. This would normally make me beleive she would not be able to have sex with a horse, but I was wrong. Jordana took this very big stallion and squeezed his cock into her pussy, and then later into her ass – This is an amazing movie – Believe me….

Janet is a regular brazilian woman that called us, asking if we did these movies with animals and women. We are normally very discrete, so I said “Maybe”….She picked up on this and said I know where you live, I come by now. Janet, was in my house after 10 min. and within minutes she said she wanted to “try a horse”. This was of course possible 🙂

Helena grew up in Prague and had a very interesting life with lots of parties and crazy times. She meet Simon that lives 180 Km out side Prague, they fell in love and Helena moved out on his farm. Simon loves animals and has been showing Helena his kinky secret. At first Helena was shy but now she loves being with Simons animals……..

Marta likes it BIG….So the idea of fucking a stallion and forcing a stallion cock up her tight ass hole has been a fantasy for Marta since she was 16. Marta went to a farm with us to try out her fantasy and we think it went really well. Marta actually managed to force this Stallions HUUGE cock up her asshole…..Join and see what else happened

Beast Debutants